At Ucargo Pacific Ltd, we take pride in our expertise and specialisation in multiple industries. Established six years ago and headquartered in Manchester, UK, our company is led by Mark Kennedy, an accomplished professional with a rich background in the logistics industry. Having served as the Sales Director for the international agency UCP, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in client acquisition and relationship management.

Mark joined UCARGO in 2016 as the Global Sales Director, and as market trends revealed emerging opportunities, Ucargo Pacific Ltd was created. This expansion aimed to not only grow the UCARGO brand but also diversify our services to cater to industries that require a broad range of logistics expertise.

Under Mark’s leadership, our team in Manchester has grown steadily, and we currently employ a dedicated team of seven professionals. Together, we focus our attention on several key industries, ensuring that our clients receive tailored solutions to their specific needs. These industries include:

Canning and Packaging

We understand the unique challenges and requirements involved in the canning and packaging industry. Our comprehensive logistics solutions ensure smooth operations, timely delivery, and optimized supply chains for businesses in this sector.

Heavy Lift

Handling heavy and oversized cargo demands expertise and precision. With our specialized knowledge and experience in heavy lift logistics, we offer safe and efficient transportation solutions for large-scale equipment, machinery, and infrastructure.

General Forwarding

Located strategically just outside Manchester Airport, UCARGO Pacific Logistics is your go-to partner for seamless and efficient general freight forwarding solutions. Specialising in air freight, we leverage our proximity to Manchester Airport to provide swift and reliable cargo services.

By focusing our attention on these industries, we have developed a deep understanding of their unique requirements, regulations, and challenges. Our team combines industry-specific knowledge with our extensive logistics capabilities to deliver exceptional service and reliable solutions. Whether it’s canning and packaging, heavy lift operations, or power and energy logistics, Ucargo Pacific Ltd is committed to supporting our client’s success through efficient and reliable freight forwarding and logistics services.

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