At UCARGO Pacific, we recognise that shipping your heavy lift item from door to door involves a multitude of crucial logistical considerations.

The laws of physics are unforgiving, demanding a deep respect and understanding to ensure a successful and secure transportation process. As seasoned freight forwarders specialising in heavy lift, out-of-gauge, and break bulk cargo, our wealth of experience positions us as your trusted partner for your next heavy lift project.


Our meticulous planning encompasses the entire process. Each project necessitates a nuanced understanding of dimensions, mass, delicacy, and delivery methods to guarantee success. Whether it involves shipping by sea, air, rail, or ground transport, we possess the expertise to lash and lift large and heavy cargo effectively.

Our proficiency extends to navigating the performance envelope of our cranes and their environment, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of massive objects. From dredge booms, large piping, and industrial equipment to machinery, classic cars, high-tech electronics, and furniture, we’ve successfully moved a diverse range of items. If you have a challenging transportation need and are unsure about the approach, give us a call, and we’ll guide you through the process, offering reliable solutions for your unique requirements