Establishing Global Connections

Ucargo Pacific Logistics stands as your reliable partner in materialising intricate projects with the tagline, “You can with Ucargo.” Our focus centers on the logistics for the construction of Canning Production lines, the scale of which varies depending on each plant’s size. Typically, a plant comprises 2-4 lines, influenced by factors such as the country’s location and supply demands.

These production lines integrate both out-of-gauge and diverse production components, necessitating numerous transport movements. As the size of the production line increases, so does the volume of cargo required. This cargo, manufactured globally, demands the expertise of a dedicated project team. In this regard, we have collaborated with UTC, leveraging their 30-plus years of experience in handling such specialised business.


The Canning and Packaging Division

Dynamic logistics specialists, headquartered in Manchester and a proud member of the Ucargo Global Group. Under the guidance of former Ucargo Global Sales Director and now Partner of Ucargo Pacific Logistics, Mark Kennedy, a seasoned professional with an extensive background in the USA, our team excels in the Canning and Packaging division.

As an industry leader, we recognise the importance of tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of our clients. At Ucargo Pacific, we have cultivated a global network and forged valuable connections within the Canning and Packaging sector, enabling us to meticulously plan the optimal routes, collaborate with reputable carriers, and engage with approved suppliers for your projects.

Our commitment revolves around ensuring the safety, reliability, and seamless transportation of your cargo. Regardless of the intricacies involved in the transport process, we prioritize the integrity of your cargo, ensuring it moves around the world effortlessly and without delays.

The Ucargo Pacific team is dedicated to making this a reality for your business.



The transportation of this cargo requires meticulous strategic planning, akin to orchestrating a festival or event, with strict adherence to timelines. Multiple moving parts, various types of transport, and the handling of both out-of-gauge cargo and containers demand thorough coordination.

The canning and packaging industry operates under tight schedules, requiring a specific skill set from an organisation. Moreover, the equipment often finds its way to remote global locations, adding an extra layer of complexity when synchronising with engineer arrivals. Rest assured, Ucargo Pacific possesses the knowledge and experience needed to navigate every facet of this niche market with finesse.



UTC is our partner in the United States. UCARGO Pacific Director Mark Kennedy previously worked for UTC for several years and now we have created a partnership with this large company to widen our net of experience and reach across the globe within the canning and packaging industry. It is a partnership that strengthens our abilities in the canning sector globally.


UTC Overseas, Inc

Are an international freight forwarder and logistics provider with offices around the globe. Established in 1925, UTC has a long history of professional performance moving freight to every corner of the world.

Their experience is adept in large machinery – particularly canning production lines – from project components to coordinating and sequencing deliveries for entire manufacturing and processing facilities and plant expansion projects.


Our canning and packaging division is based in UCARGO Pacific Logistics Office Manchester:

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