Ucargo Pacific Logistics: Navigating the Future with Our New Website


We’re thrilled to unveil our new website, a testament to Ucargo Pacific Logistics’ evolution as a reliable freight forwarding and logistics partner. Based in Manchester, our journey began six years ago, and we’ve since grown into a team of seven dedicated professionals under the leadership of Mark Kennedy.

Our Core Services: Air, Road, and Sea Transportation

From urgent air shipments to seamless road haulage and efficient sea freight operations, Ucargo Pacific Logistics adapts to your diverse transportation needs. With a global network and strong partnerships, we ensure competitive pricing and reliable services.

Industry Focus: Tailored Solutions for Success

Our expertise extends to key industries, offering tailored solutions:

  1. Canning and Packaging: Optimised supply chains for smooth operations.
  2. Heavy Lift: Safe and efficient transportation for oversized cargo.
  3. Power & Energy: Timely delivery of essential resources for energy projects.

Explore our new website and discover how Ucargo Pacific Logistics can navigate your logistics challenges with dedication, expertise, and innovation.