Great China Awards 2022

UCARGO Pacific Logistics; was a finalist in the greater China Awards 2022 in the Rising Star category.

The ceremony was held at the iconic Lowry Building in Salford Quays on the 29th April, which was attended by our Manchester team to celebrate the proceedings… and win in our category!

A bit about the awards..

After celebrating the year of the Tiger during the Lunar New Year in Feb 2022, UCARGO were invited to the ceremony to celebrate the success of North West Business trading with mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, with the 17th annual Greater China Awards.

The awards are open to any companies or organisations in North West England which have made a significant contribution to developing business with Greater China during 2021. This may include bilateral trade or investment, education, and community sectors.

UCARGO Pacific logistics entered the ‘The Rising Star Award’ as this is one of the main areas of business and focus that UCARGO Pacific Logistics work on.

This award celebrates UK success and innovation in exporting to Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan). It is open to companies in North West England who can demonstrate sustained export to Greater China for up to three years and the positive impact this has had on the UK economy. Applicants should be NW-based manufacturers or service providers who export to Greater China showcasing British knowledge and expertise.

The organisers had these kind words to say on why we were honored with the great privilege of this award.

“Our winner in the Rising Star category in 2022 is a company who has managed to grow their business in Greater China, and in doing so has supported other companies in their continuing growth. They have a clear strategy  – focusing on key sectors and using technology to streamline operations and provide a rapid information flow, enabling them to provide a high level of support to their client companies. The judges were impressed by their commitment to the market and plans to secure their future growth.  In a period of time when shipping goods worldwide has been so challenging,  our congratulations go to a company that has helped to keep goods moving in both directions!! Our winner is …..UCARGO PACIFIC LOGISTICS LTD

Due to their  many contacts, UCARGO  have been able to keep the supply chain running for many of their  customers and in some cases have helped out the NHS on urgent air shipments”

BIFA Awards 2022

Also in 2022, Ucargo Pacific Logistics entered Branch Manager Cheryl Sullivan for Young Freight Forwarder of the Year and we are also proud to announce that Cheryl was shortlisted as a finalist in her Category. Huge Congratulations to Cheryl! While she didn’t win overall in the category getting shortlisted in the finals still is a huge achievement.


Cheryl joined us two years ago to work in the Manchester office, heading the team as Ucargo Pacific’s Branch Manager; while also spearheading our growth in the Canning and Packaging industry

You can read more about our developments with our canning and packaging division here: *need to add link*